Dr. Sharon Howell Reflects on the Power of Community at Springs
Filmed on an iPhone 6 Plus (August 2016)

You cannot become your best except as you invest
in something or someone outside yourself.
— Founding Director Doc Armstrong

My experience at Indian Springs played a vital role in shaping the person I am today. As I utilize the skills and mindset I developed at Springs, I feel a responsibility to give back to the institution that had such a remarkable impact on my life. Only through the generous support of our alumni community can we ensure that the vibrant Springs experience is sustained now and in the future.
— Daniel Odrezin ’05

Each year we give to the Annual Fund because each year Springs gives us more than we expect—from the teachers, the staff, and the community.
— Stacy & Scott Pulliam ’85 P ’16, ’17

I had the most amazing time at Indian Springs! The school really makes sure that you get the best of everything. I give to the Annual Fund because I want to contribute to the legacy of Indian Springs. I want to help maintain the traditions that shaped my adolescence and support the creation of new traditions for students to come.
— Khadija Jahfiya '11

Ken has received top-notch training in his classrooms from the best teachers. In addition, he has had the chance to participate in many extracurricular activities. He has enjoyed the friendship that has been established through activities both inside and outside the classroom. We are very happy to see that Ken is making a smooth transition from a kid to maturity in the wonderful environment of Indian Springs School. Joining Indian Springs School has been one of the best decisions we have made for Ken’s education. Springs has nurtured Ken to grow from a kid to a mature, happy, considerate, and educated gentleman. We all appreciate the great opportunities that Springs has provided for Ken as a student and for us as parents.
— Qin Wang and Kai Jiao P '18